On Monday 1stJuly, Year 2I spent the day immersed in African culture. The children cheerily practised their Swahili greetings as the morning register was called before learning and performing an African song. Even the weather around Beavers Holt on Thursday was typical of the African climate. The children demonstrated their artistic skills by using the knowledge gained in their Theme lessons this term to create a design, which they then transferred onto a T-shirt.  Before lunch, Miss Miller, hot from her trip to Kenya, shared her considerable experiences of life in Kenya with the children. They had the opportunity to wear both the colourful Maasai robes and jewellery. At snack time the children enjoyed a variety of exotic fruit before returning to the classroom to decorate their African beaded necklaces and complete the African storybooks that they had written and illustrated. A wonderful action packed day was enjoyed by all.