On Thursday 27thof June, Beavers Holt hosted French Day. It all started in the Hall with 5F’s “Phénoménal Performance” of “Election Région Miss France”.  Each finalist – Alsace, Rhône-Alpes and Aquitaine – had to convince a panel of three famous English judges and our international chef “Karen” that their region was the most attractive one! Our two “présentatrices” did a superb job keeping the TV show going even when Miss Oglvie-Bull came thinking it was a beauty contest! The audience also had the chance to watch some folklore dancing from Alsace and “Christine and the queens” with our contestants singing two songs called “la Chanson Chocolat” and “On trace”. Each région did such a good job that the three régions were crowned winners! Year 5 were really able to encapsulate the true essence of France. They were just brilliant! A special mention to all our dancers who dedicated all their recent playtime to deliver an outstanding show!

After a short break it was the turn of the children from Reception K to Year 6E to entertain by watching each other’s performances. They all sang beautifully! We were also lucky to have a visit from last year’s special guests from “Plastic Bertrand” who interpreted “Stop ou encore”. I am sure you will recognise them in the photographs. The hall was decorated beautifully with artwork produced in Art lessons!

Later Pre-prep and Prep went to their playtime with a Pretzel (traditional food from Alsace) for their snack! Then Prep played different French games such as “jeu de boules” and “l’élastique”. During an Art session, they tried to draw the map of France and they also watched a quick video about “Notre Dame de Paris”. Then it was time for lunch; everyone replenished their energy with a delectable popular dish from Pays-Basque in Aquitaine: Poulet basquaise, pomme de terre sautées and baguette. For dessert, the 6E children treated us to home baked “Tarte aux myrtilles”.

In the afternoon, it was Pre-Prep’s turn to play the traditional French games while Prep went on to do a Quiz which was about the 5F’s projects. They were dispersed all over the school, working in teams. The winners of the Quiz and the Art competition from each year group were awarded a prize at the end of the day!

Thank you to all parents for supporting French Day by helping the children with their baking and their outfits! Tout le monde s’est bien amusé!