The Junior School


Boy and girl working together in a science lesson with pencil casesHall School Wimbledon Junior School provides your son or daughter with a positive and nurturing education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in their senior education and beyond as young adults. These formative Junior School years are when children start to move from dependence towards independence. We aim to facilitate this journey with a lively curriculum and robust pastoral care.

Academic excellence is, of course, paramount. All our Year 6 pupils are offered automatic progression to our Senior School. Some families also choose to apply to academically selective senior schools and we have an impressive track record of successful admissions which equals more examination-focused prep schools.

All children at HSW Junior School are extremely well prepared for their senior education, having been taught a wide range of academic and practical subjects to a high standard by knowledgeable, specialist teachers. However, our academic ethos is shaped by a view that cultivating characteristics of resilience, adaptability, confidence, good humour, collaboration and empathy are just as important to our pupils’ long-term success. Boys and girls cheering each other on in a challenging cross-country race, Year 3 pupils choosing playground games so as to include their friend in a wheelchair, or children in Reception helping each other to plant out seedlings in the garden – these are just a few examples of the kind, caring and happy children to be found at HSW.

Nurturing and robust pastoral care in the Junior School helps pupils grow up with joy through these formative years. The small size of the school means that every child is known and cared for as an individual. Your child’s day-to-day wellbeing and academic progress are overseen by their Class Teacher, who is available to discuss any concerns. We are proud to be a co-educational school: girls and boys also have positive role models among the staff.

Why our parents love HSW

The Junior School in brief

Little boy in Reception class concentrating and drawing

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (ages 4 to 7) are the Pre-Prep years. Lively lessons taught by caring, personable teachers give your son or daughter a firm grounding in all areas of development: academic, physical, creative, emotional and social.

Years 3 to 6 (ages 7 to 11) are the Preparatory years. We believe in offering holistic preparation for senior education. The children experience a broad, stimulating curriculum taught by subject specialists, including Modern Languages, sports, Art, Music and Drama. Pupils have access to a dedicated Junior School library.

The unique HSW Homework System is introduced in Year 3. Pupils start to take responsibility for getting their own work done, which enables them to consolidate and review their learning each day, while maintaining a healthy balance between school and family life.

Every day in the Junior School begins with a short daily workout – aerobics, dance or running. Many of our pupils choose to compete against themselves and gain the 100K Challenge award – meaning they have run more than 100 kilometres during that academic year.

The children are encouraged to broaden their range of experiences by engaging in the lively after-school clubs programme, which includes practical skills (such as cooking and gardening), arts and crafts, sports and music. The choir is especially popular, with a Christmas Carol Service providing an opportunity to perform in public.

We offer a minibus service around Wimbledon and the wider area, with fully vetted drivers. We try to make the most of our location by providing ample opportunities for outdoor learning, and participation in the cultural life of the local community, such as Wimbledon Bookfest.

Non-native English speaking pupils are accommodated in mainstream classes and make rapid progress, with extra support from our EAL teacher where required. Children with specific learning difficulties are also taught in mainstream classes and will receive extra, specialist help tailored to their individual needs. It is our belief that academic achievement should be made available to all.