Senior School Trip to Dorset (May 2019)

The Year 7 and Year 8 trip to Dorset afforded the children wonderful opportunities to try new activities and improve on those already experienced.  Above all, the week allowed them to demonstrate their ability to challenge themselves, conquer trepidation, enjoy the unknown and be the positive and resilient young people they are growing into. These are important life skills all too often over-looked in our heavily structured, desk bound, lives.

We walked 5 miles along the coast from Swanage to Studland Bay. Not ever 11-13 year old’s idea of a great day out but a good challenge met head on and in beautiful sunshine. Along the way there was time take in amazing views, a quick Geography lesson at Old Harry Rocks, on coastal erosion, taught by Year 8 to Year 7 and a stroll through the ‘garlic wood’ with some snacking on wild garlic leaves. Studland Bay Beach was reached in time for lunch and the coach appear to return us all to Wimbledon.

Comments from the children:
Rock climbing and body boarding were really fun because it gives you time to do activities that you don’t often do with your friends.” Rodrigo
I enjoyed the bushcraft and the archery.”Fergus
I liked the jumbo boarding because it was a team exercise in the water.” Jack
The bike ride was a great way to start the trip instead of sitting on a bus.” Mathieu
I loved the hike on the mountain and I loved the facts it was great.” Artin
I liked when we had free time since we could play football, pool or basketball on our own, which gave us some sense of freedom.” Arnie
I really enjoyed bushcraft, playing with knives and archery and lighting fires were the highlight of the trip.”
I liked the bodyboarding because it was thrilling and fun in the big waves.” Luisa
I really enjoyed the cycling as I’d never been to the New Forest, it was a beautiful experience.
I liked the body boarding and the food was delicious.”Sandy
I really enjoyed the high ropes because you could hand off tall structures while feeling safe.” Sean
I found the high ropes very exhilarating and exciting since this was new experience for me and I found it quite nerve racking as well!” Lavinia