Hall School Wimbledon: where pupils’ aspirations have no boundaries

At Hall School Wimbledon we nurture an inclusive, globally-minded and outward-looking culture where children are supported to succeed in all walks of life. Small class sizes and an intimate campus in the heart of Wimbledon mean that every child is known, nurtured and celebrated as an individual. We believe that every child should experience a broad and exciting curriculum.

Senior pupils socialising at Hall School Wimbledon

Looking forward, not back

Hall School Wimbledon’s story began in only 1990, with a group of seven children in Wimbledon Village Hall. Our school was founded with a philosophy of doing things differently. Since then, Hall School Wimbledon has grown and now educates boys and girls aged 4 to 16, with pupils achieving success in academic, musical, sporting and artistic spheres. Our leavers are confident but not arrogant, equipped with tools to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

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Boy doing GCSE photography work in the studio

Balanced education

Our inclusive ethos underpins our exciting and balanced curriculum. Even in Reception, children are taught by subject specialist teachers; in our Senior School, pupils enjoy a broad, creative curriculum, including weekly enrichment sessions. We encourage all our pupils to represent their school in sport, while also maintaining a range of co-curricular opportunities in music, drama and the arts.

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High quality teaching

At Hall School Wimbledon we have a dedicated and committed staff body, many of whom have been teaching at the school for more than fifteen years.

We promote a learning culture that values independence and engagement, with teachers encouraging pupils to maintain a healthy balance between school and home life – we believe it is very important to have an open three-way relationship between pupils, parents and teachers. Our position within the Chatsworth Schools group also opens up opportunities for networking and research.

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Pastoral care and wellbeing

Your son or daughter’s wellbeing is central to their academic and creative growth. Every pupil at Hall School Wimbledon has a Class Teacher or Head of Year whom they can confide in, and senior pupils also have a Personal Tutor who oversees their academic, moral and pastoral progress.

Our approach recognises each pupil’s unique qualities and provides them with the specific care, attention and support they require at each stage of their school life. Ultimately, when pupils leave Hall School Wimbledon, they are emotionally and socially mature.

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All round achievement

Hall School Wimbledon has an excellent track record at GCSE, significantly out-performing comparable schools, which validates our individual approach to education. In 2018, 62% of GCSE examinations at Hall School Wimbledon were awarded the top 9 to 6 grades.

But this is only part of the story. Your child will be supported to grow from dependence to independence throughout their time in the school. Our unique approach to homework encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning. Sixth Form teachers have told us that Hall School Wimbledon leavers are successful independent students, making them well prepared for A levels and beyond.

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